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This is a picture of a light bulb shedding a soft, golden light.
Deb Rankin

What books do you want to share and promote?

On this day last year, I launched The Booktalklady website. To celebrate birthday #1, I decided to answer the most common questions I get about The Booktalklady and ask your help with future book features. Why on earth did you decide to do this? (most of you say this in a more polite way, of

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Your brain on books?

I usually read the fine print. Perhaps that comes from my first career as a registered dietitian (R.D.). Dietitians study details on food labels and then advise you, the vulnerable public, what you are and are not supposed to eat. Although you might have noticed that nutrition advice goes in cycles. Eat more carbs and

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From Deborah Rankin, RD

Five Things to Start Now to Lose Belly Fat