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De-Stress Your Life: Turn Chaos Into Calm

gathers rave reviews on Amazon.

Readers say:

“The journaling strategy helped me make a clear decision.”

“User friendly for those with busy lives.”

“A straight forward, action-oriented guide.”

“Reading this book is like talking with a wise and witty friend.”

“I look forward to applying these ideas to my own life.”

“Freedom from never ever.”

“I loved how she used real people to share their experiences about the topics.”

“Friendly approach with lots of examples.”

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Deborah Rankin, RD
Read More about Deborah
Deborah Rankin, RD
Read More about Deborah

What Deborah Can Do For You

I help people build life habits that give peace, reduce stress, and simplify life. Get a guide that’s been there, done that– a skilled health coach and Registered Dietitian. You’ll learn how to clear mental clutter, reduce decision fatigue, and harness the power of small steps for lasting transformation.

Do You Wish Your Life Was Better Balanced?

The formula I follow to  reduce stress and increase my joy of life is E+M+C²:

  • Eat nourishing food
  • Move my body
  • Connect with myself and others.

I’d love to help you find more vitality and calm through healthy meals, happy movement, and deeper social, emotional, and spiritual connections.

It’s a path with much discovery and fun.

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