About Deborah Rankin, RD.

Many of us go through periods where we just endure life. We get overwhelmed by hassles and burned out by busyness. We work long hours, grab something to eat on the way home, and unwind by sitting before a TV or computer screen self-medicating with food or beverages. We chat with friends as we multi-task, and bond over shared frustrations about spouses, bosses, politics, crime, or money. We tell ourselves to buckle down and slog it out until…the project ends, we can afford the house of our dreams, our health improves, or child graduates.

I’ve been there. After a season of loss and failure knocked me down and down and down, I got tired of living that way. I changed.

I went back to the basics, things I learned from my training as a registered dietitian (R.D.) with a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences, plus years of working as a health care professional.

I remembered that what we eat, how we move, and the stories we tell ourselves and others point us either toward exuberance and energy, or exhaustion and struggle. Through my rock-bottom experiences I learned how to feel good and enjoy life regardless of circumstances.

I believe the secret to reducing stress and increasing energy is E + M + C2 . Eat nourishing food, Move your body, Connect with yourself and others. I’ve made it my mission to help hard-working small business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives build easy, sustainable habits so you can eat, move, and connect in a healthy way, and still have time for YOUR work! It’s a path with much discovery and fun along the way.

Join the journey now! Sign up for my blog and get two updates a month with food, movement, and connection ideas to help you reduce stress and prevent burnout. I’m evidenced based, which means I might cite a research study every now and then, but nothing like the totally boring and super-geeky papers I wrote years ago. I list them on this page to honor my father, who encouraged my nutrition research, and exemplified healthy vigor himself. I’ll share exercise tips, recipes, and reviews of books and devices that can help you build a life you love

You work hard, and you need to be strong and healthy to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Let’s do it together, and support and encourage each other along the way!

Deborah Rankin, RD

Deborah Rankin, RD Scientific Publications

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