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Burnout Recovery

Often we tell ourselves we just have to endure a challenging time. We expect that when it’s over, things will be better. Have you ever thought “I’ll take better care of myself after [x.y.z situation] is over?

I have been there, done that.

Once upon a time I lived the good life. I enjoyed my medical sales job managing a multimillion dollar territory and leading a team of ten. I traveled half the time, and when at home I LOVED my house. It sat on a hill on the border of Tennessee’s largest natural area, with a gorgeous saltwater pool.

I lived at a fast pace, cramming as much into each day as possible. I enjoyed it all–work, exercise, going to live music venues with friends, or writing the great American novel.

Then one day my beloved father was diagnosed with a fast-growing, untreatable cancer. I took over managing his affairs and healthcare. A couple of people I cared about drifted away, perhaps because I lacked the energy to meet their expectations. My employer eliminated my job. I got high blood pressure, vertigo, and double vision.

Within months the good life vanished. I was grieving, unemployed, and sick.

I sold my dream house and moved into a garage. I searched for work, but stayed unemployed for two years. My circle of friends got smaller. I valued the ones who were left, because they were super kind, caring, and fun. 

I knew no other way to recover but to return to basic principles I learned from my studies as a registered dietitian (RDN) with a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences, plus years of working as a health coach.

I remembered that what we eat, how we move, and the stories we tell ourselves and others point us either toward exuberant energy, or drained exhaustion. From the rock-bottom I learned how to reduce stress, simplify life, and do self care that was more impactful than candles and massages.

I finally got my health back and returned to work in great jobs.  I dialed down my stress and dialed up my vitality. I’m grateful for what I learned when I crashed and burned. 

I’d love to walk with you through your stressed and challenging  journey! I can guide you to an empowering, encouraging road map in which you discover the best you.

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From Deborah Rankin, RD

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