Two Things I Do to Lose Belly Fat

I like exercise that’s fun. I want belly fat loss workouts that don’t make me train for hours or do tons of sit ups or crunches. In fact, overly stressful workouts can elevate blood cortisol levels and shift metabolism toward increased belly fat. Not what you want, right? Me neither. So I made this short video to share what has worked for me.


If you want to dive deeper into the science behind this, you could read a book I mention in the video: 

A book that inspired my thoughts about belly fat loss workouts.

Or, you could check out the video book review of “Spark” that I made several years ago.  https://deborahrankinrd.com/spark/ It’s a crazy fun video. I filmed it using an I-phone clamped to the handlebar of my bike while I rode!

Is exercise fun, for you? I think only when it’s fun will you be likely to keep it up and make it a lasting part of your life. Otherwise, it’s just one more “should” you feel you have to cram into your already packed days.

Please tell me about your greatest challenge with exercise by adding a note in the comments below. Then if you want to look more into your mindset about health and wellness, you might enjoy an infographic I call “My Why for Health.” You can find it here http://stressrelief.deborahrankinrd.com/mywhyforhealth 

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From Deborah Rankin, RD

Five Things to Start Now to Lose Belly Fat