A Nature Affirmation to Reduce Stress

Studies show that a walk in the forest helps your body reduce stress more than a walk on a busy city street. Even looking at videos or pictures of forests helps lower stress! High levels of stress, and the corresponding high blood levels of stress hormones such as cortisol, probably contribute to belly fat in women, and belly fat in men. Here’s a nature affirmation to reduce stress I made as a gift to you!

If you constantly live with a lot of stress, you’re at risk for a state of physical and emotional exhaustion called burnout. I wrote a detailed explanation of burnout in an earlier blog https://deborahrankinrd.com/burnout-everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know/ But if you’re really busy and don’t have time to read that right now, you can take my quick quiz to look for lifestyle habits that may lead you to burnout: https://stressrelief.deborahrankinrd.com/burnoutquiz

Making time in your schedule to watch a nature affirmation to reduce stress seems like a tiny, insignificant action. Yet small simple steps that you repeat over time will make more difference than a big dramatic change you try once or twice, then give up. The next time life gets crazy and your usual habits would cause you to reach for a cookie, beer, or cigarette to calm yourself, take three deep breaths, go for a walk outside, or re-watch this video of a nature affirmation to reduce stress! The way you live your days is the way your live your life.

A nature affirmation to reduce stress

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