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What Meditation On Nature Did For Me 


Once upon a time, I thought multi-tasking was a great skill. It was something I bragged about. Did I tell you about the time I drove down the New York Thruway while eating lunch and typing emails on my laptop? Taking time for meditation on nature?

Wasteful. Unproductive. Frivolous. Shouldn’t I get stuff done?

After years of being SO productive and SO busy, and getting SO many things done, I crashed and burned in the months (maybe years?) after my dad died. It’s part of the reason I now do what I do.

I help people release old patterns that don’t work for them, and discover new habits that generate wholeness, peace, and vibrant energy.

You can read more of my sad story here: https://deborahrankinrd.com/about/


Burnout Recovery


Hiking the trails in nature preserves around my home in middle Tennessee, and soaring the swooping roads of the Natchez Trace on my bicycle were critical for my burnout recovery. Hiking and biking in Colorado kept me sane during the rough early year of our recent pandemic.

Now I love meditation on nature. Medical evidence shows it improves our mood and mental health. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/pmc3393816/ Time spent in nature strengthens the immune system. That seems like a good thing in a world still struggling with a wiley virus.

So now, once a month I create a brief video with a meditation on nature meditation. Sit back, relax, and take a deep breath. Let your mind focus on this one thing for forty seconds.

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