Choose to Keep Going

The nature meditation Choose to Keep Going features a forest after a long, harsh winter. Do you ever feel like you have winter in your soul? Watch the forest for signs of new life, then choose to keep going and grow again.

Stress Relief and Nature

When did research for my book I learned amazing new facts about how time in nature affects us.

Turn Chaos into Calm by Deborah Rankin


Several studies report that time walking in a forest, or along a calming body of water, is associated with lower blood and saliva levels of cortisol, a stress-related hormone. Even looking at pictures of forests or water can help! That’s why I create and share a video scene from nature once a month. My hope is that viewing the beauty of our world, and listening to affirming words, will help refresh our minds and spirits after the chaos and crisis that captures our concerns. 

Journaling How To

Writing your thoughts in a daily journal might be another way to lower your stress. Seek professional help first if you are a victim of abuse, or suffer from PTSD. For more ideas about journaling, its benefits and how to make it a daily habit that’s fun and rewarding instead of more work to do, check out my blog https://deborahrankinrd.com/journaling-for-weight-loss/

Journaling how to

Burnout Recovery

We often don’t realize we’re burned out until later, when we look back with the perspective of time. When we’re in it, it’s easy to blame outside circumstances and tell ourselves “of course things will be better as soon as [WHATEVER] is over.” All too often as soon as one things is over, life or our choices launch us into a new season of craziness.

In my opinion, spending time in nature is a potent boost to burnout recovery. The act of getting to a place where it’s quiet, peaceful, lush, and awe-inspiring helps dial back stress we perhaps hadn’t even ackowledged.

Exercise for Stress Relief

What will you do  as the result of the nature meditation Choose to Keep Going? Make a commitment to reduce the burden of stress on your mind and body. Find a park, a botanic garden, a babbling brook, or even a bench under a tree and walk, bike, or run there. Write it in your plan for this week. Health is a precious gift that we often don’t think about until it’s gone. Honor your body, enjoy our world, and embrace the message of the nature meditation Choose to Keep Going.

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