Belly Fat Loss Workouts

If you’re having trouble shedding belly fat and getting a toned stomach, you’re not alone. Although you might automatically think that you need to do endless crunches, research has shown that spot-training exercises are not the best belly fat loss workouts. https://www.prevention.com/fitness/g20459708/best-workouts-to-target-belly-fat/

While crunches and other targeted routines can help strengthen your core, there are other exercises that can help you burn belly fat a lot more efficiently by getting your heart pumping. When combined with a healthy diet, you’ll notice a difference before you know it.

Mountain Climbers


Mountain climbers are known as moving planks. In addition to targeting your core and your arms and shoulders, they get your heart rate up. To accomplish a mountain climber, get yourself into a high plank position. Place your shoulders directly over your wrists, bring your belly button in toward your spine, and keep your core tight. Then, bring one knee at a time to your chest and return to the plank position and alternate with the other knee.


Sprawls involve nearly every part of your body including your shoulders, your core, your arms, and your quads. Begin by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, and lower your body into a low squat. Place your hands by your feet and extend into the plank position. Allow your chest to touch the floor, then return to the squat position and jump into the air with your arms above your head. The explosive plyometric movement of sprawls will get your heart rate into the target training range and tone your body, including your stomach, at the same time. 


Walking is often overlooked as a way to lose belly fat, but it’s highly effective. When you engage in 45-60 minutes per day of brisk walking, your body reaps a lot of benefits. In addition to getting your heart rate up, walking has been shown to lower your stress hormone (cortisol) levels which tends to lead to belly fat. If you incorporate a fast-paced 60-minute-per-day walking routine, it’s possible to reduce fat in the belly area. 

belly fat loss workout

Of course, no one individual workout or exercise will get the results you are seeking. But when combined and switched up, you can burn belly fat at a rate that might surprise you. Other exercises you might want to explore include jumping rope https://deborahrankinrd.com/jump-rope-is-an-easy-exercise-to-do-at-home/, burpees, yoga, and rowing.

one of my favorite belly fat loss workouts

With a little dedication and attention to your heart rate, getting a more toned belly doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think. Give any of these workout moves a try, and you’ll be well on your way to hitting your fitness goals.

In my opinion there’s not one magic best belly fat loss workouts. It’s the wholeness of your lifestyle that helps you shed belly fat. Still, it’s possible to see improvement. This winter I made small changes in my daily schedule and lost a half inch of belly fat in six weeks–without dieting, starving myself, or doing endless sit ups or crunches! If you haven’t yet checked out my free guide “Five Things To Start Now to Lose Belly Fat,” sign up in the box below.

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